Our Promise

Age appropriate

No matter if your loved one is 5 or 105, our team will strive to ensure the game experience is playable and appropriate to the age and limitations of the gift recipient. The language we use in the game, and the complexity or simplicity of language, and even the difficulty or ease of the game challenges will ALWAYS be designed to be age appropriate for the target player(s).

Certificate of Authenticity
and 5 yr Guarantee

Each Luxury Videogame comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (which looks great framed, by the way!), with the game title, the name of the gift recipient and the name of the person providing the gift, which is signed by the company founders, and lead artist. The certificate is part of our 5 year guarantee promise so you and your loved one can be assured that the fun continues. Why 5 years? Technology is evolving fast, but despite the quick pace that technology changes, we will carry out continued maintenance where needed on your game to provide the optimal play experience for years to come.


If your loved one has a sight or hearing difficulty, or indeed any other impairment, such as colour-blindess, please let us know. We’re devoted to providing the best possible experience for the gift recipients, and can shape the game design to best suit their needs. We can do things like add narration, change the font sizes, the colour palette, and lots of other neat tricks to ensure the game is enjoyable and truly cherished.

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